khannaGlobal Payments: An Accelerating Pace of Change with Somesh Khanna ('98), Senior Managing Partner and Co-head of McKinsey's  banking and securities practice

For the global payments industry, the pandemic and its consequences have accelerated existing trends in both consumer and business behaviors, and introduced new developments, such as a restructuring of both supply chains and cross-border trade. Ongoing shifts toward e-commerce, digital payments (including contactless), instant payments, and cash displacement have all been significantly boosted. Overall, the crisis has compressed a half-decade's worth of change into a year in areas that are usually slow to evolve: customer behavior, economic models and payments operating models. Challenges will accompany this structural shift.

Please join Somesh Khanna ('98), Senior Partner and coleader of McKinsey & Company's banking and securities practice, for a discussion of critical areas to focus on for achieving success in this changing landscape.

Tuesday, April 27th - (rescheduled from 4/13)

Time:  5:30 pm EDT

Virtual Meeting 

**All are Welcome**