unknown-32Inside Argonne National Lab's Fight Against COVID

Kellogg Professor Craig Garthwaite talks with Stephen Streiffer, Argonne National Laboratory's Deputy Director for Science & Technology


When the pandemic hit, Argonne took a leadership position working to understand the virus, its spread, and the therapeutics that might reduce its impact. Stephan Streifer will share his insider's perspective.

Stephen Streiffer is the Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology, Interim Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Sciences, and Director of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne. The Photon Sciences directorate consists of the X-ray Science, Accelerator Systems and Advanced Photon Source Engineering Support divisions, which comprise the Advanced Photon Source (APS); and the Argonne Accelerator Institute.

The APS is the brightest source of high-energy X-rays in the Western Hemisphere and is used to study the structures of materials and processes at the atomic scale. It is also the largest scientific user facility in the North America, with more than 3,500 users visiting each year.

He has also served as interim director of Argonne’s Center for Nanoscale Materials, a national user facility that provides capabilities explicitly tailored to the creation and characterization of new functional materials on the nanoscale. The center’s portfolio includes research on electronic and magnetic materials and devices, nanobio interfaces, nanofabrication, nanophotonics, theory and modeling, and X-ray microscopy.

Professor Garthwaite is the Herman R. Smith Research Professor in Hospital and Health Services, a Professor of Strategy, and the Director of the Program on Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK). He is an applied economist whose research examines the business of healthcare with a focus on the interaction between private firms and public policies.

His recent work in the payer and provider sectors has focused on the private sector effects of the Affordable Care Act, the impact and operation of Medicaid Managed Care plans, the responses of non-profit hospitals to financial shocks, and the economic effects of expanded social insurance programs such as Medicaid and Medicare for All. 

Professor Garthwaite also studies questions of pricing and innovation in the biopharmaceutical sector. In this area he has examined the effect of changes in market size of investments in new product development, the evolving world of precision medicine, expanded patent protection on pricing in the Indian pharmaceutical market, the innovation response of United States pharmaceutical firms to increases in demand, and the relationship between health insurance expansions and high drug prices. 

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