n.severinoNick Severino ('94)

Retired VP and CFO at Apple Retail

Nick was the vice president and chief financial officer of Apple Retail for 15 years prior to his recent retirement. Since joining Apple in 2005, he oversaw the performance and exponential growth of Apple's physical stores from infancy to over 500 stores in 22 countries and digital stores in 39 nations. Nick is based in Hillsborough, California.  

More recently, Severino has provided leadership as both an executive and investor in several Bay Area retail start-ups. Prior to Apple, Severino had 18 years of various retail and hospitallity finance leadership experience, including SVP and Chief Financial Officer of Gap Brand and early in his career in public accounting.

He graduated from Kellogg School of Management, where he serves on the Global Advisory Board. He holds a bachelor's in business administration from Trinity University of Texas and is a CPA.

"During international business travel, I often had an opportunity to work with fellow Kellogg finance alumni. Our shared experience instilled trust and confidence in our professional dealings. I look forward to fostering the same sense of community in the SIlicon Valley and SF Bay Area."
Nick Severino